A property cleanup is one of the first things you need to think of when preparing your home for sale. The first step is to make sure that the flowerbeds are free of weeds in order to have good lawn services Riverview Fl. The weeds will need to be pulled by hand because spraying them will not look as good as if you pull them out completely. It is preferable to have the weeds pulled as the first step in the process. The reason for this is because once you start trimming plants, then it will be easier for weeds to hide behind the trimmings or underneath the trimmings and easier for the team to mess the weeds that need to be polled. Once all the weeds are pulled and placed in some bags, you can go ahead and start redefining the edges of the bed. I like to work from the ground up with the exception of mulch. So once the weeds are pulled and the beds up are redefined, I would go ahead and trim any plants that need any trimming, any palm trees, or any trees that need to be trimmed. For best results, place the mulch on the flowerbeds. Once all the work has been completed. Adding the mulch should be your last step before showing the work to the customer.

With the property cleanup, you can also include a leaf cleanup. Add Top Lawn Pros, weeded bag, the leaves, and leave them on the curbside for the county to pick up. It is a cost effective measure for the customer. Leaving them on the curbside for the county to pick up is free of charge for the customer and saves them a dump fee. We always suggest that the customer allows us to bag clippings and leaves and leave them on the curb side for the county to pick up in lawn services Riverview Fl. However, we do understand that some customers prefer us taking the debris with us, we are happy to do that for the customer.

Another aspect of a property cleanup is the mowing of overgrown lawns. Prior to mowing an overgrown lawn. We want to walk the property and ensure that there are no objects laying under the grass that could possibly hurt any of our team members or break the customers property when performing lawn services Riverview Fl. Big things can hide underneath the tall grass, so it is important to take an extra 5 to 10 minutes and really walk the property and observe all areas to prevent any damages to company property, and to the customer’s property.

When taking on an overgrown lawn, one of the hardest details to correct are the edges along the driveway in the sidewalk. When the edges are overgrown on the sidewalk and the driveway, it takes 2 to 3 passes of the edger to get them looking right. As far as the mowing the lawn is overgrown, it’s best to have the shoot open to prevent the mower from bogging down, the first one or two passes should be done with the shoot open and the third pass you can start mulching the clippings. Some hay may be produced from mowing overgrown lawns, when providing lawn services Riverview Fl. For the health of the lawn and the aesthetics of it, it is best to rake and bag, those clippings, and the hay produced.

Another thing to consider when performing a property cleanup is tree trimming or palm tree trimming. A well trimmed tree will make the landscaping look a lot better. We suggest starting from the bottom and working your way up when trimming a tree this will prevent excessive trimming and will allow you to control the look of the tree. You would want to make sure to trim any limbs that are hanging over the fence or over the home and even branches that are extending over the driveway at lawn services Riverview Fl. If using a ladder to reach the branches, have a second person holding the base or the bottom of the ladder this measure can help keep the person on the ladder safe. The person on the ladder should be mindful that there is somebody standing below them, holding the ladder for them, and when trimming branches on the tree, they should trim in such a way that the branches do not fall on that person on the base of the ladder.

A home seller might want to resod their yard before putting it on the market. Selecting the right type of sod is important but more important is preparing the area for sod installation and yes it is more cost-effective to throw new sod on top of existing sod however it does not look as good as when you prepare the area properly. A sod installation needs to be a thought out process as it takes 3 to 4 weeks for new sod to become established in the new area or environment for lawn services Riverview Fl. The new sod will need to be watered every day for the first 30 days while it gets established. And twice per week, once it has rooted properly. The watering can be from the irrigation system or as a consequence of the weather. A good rule of thumb is an inch of water per week.

If the funds are limited and you are trying to decide what to do to the landscaping to make it look better, but not invest a ton of money, I would suggest weeding all flowerbeds, trimming the plants and giving the lawn a good mow. Any dead trees or shrubs should be removed to give the property the look of a well kept home in lawn services Riverview Fl. If the landscaping beds contain rocks, a good wash with a garden hose could do the trick and make the flowerbed look great. Additionally, if any landscape border is present, ensure it is straightened out to make it look good. If the landscape border is torn or broken, it is best to remove it completely.