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Top Lawn Pros Mowing 0I4A3887Top Lawn Pros is here to provide you with lawn services Riverview Fl that are top notch quality. We follow industry’s best practices for mowing in the south Hillsborough County area. Ask us about our Green Industries Best Management Practices certification. We will proudly present you with our certification from the University of Florida, Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences in collaboration with the Department of Environmental Protection.

We recommend a weekly mow in the Spring, Summer and Fall, and a biweekly mow in the Winter. This is especially true for those customers who regularly fertilize and water their lawns. With this mowing program, you can expect us to visit your property 40 times per calendar year.

We know and understand that just about anybody can mow the lawn. Do you value lawn services Riverview Fl consistency? What about reliability? Is quality something that you are looking for in a lawn service provider? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, we are what you are looking for regarding lawn services Riverview Fl.

Working with Top Lawn Pros provides you with peace of mind. While you cannot pick the day of the week on which your lawn is mowed, we do place your property on a schedule that fits best with our mowing route, allowing us to service your property, as well as neighboring customer’s property without having to drive all over town. The real question is, how does this benefit you? Simple. Top Lawn Pros Mowing 0I4A1343Having an efficient schedule allows us to give you the best value possible. We will show up on our scheduled day; weather permitting. If we are not able to make it due to rain delay, we will send you an email and notify you of the delay. Communication is key in any relationship. We want you to be on the same page as us. We will never skip you, it is a matter of pushing you out a day or two on the schedule. Regardless of the delay, we will communicate so you know when to expect us for lawn services Riverview Fl. If weather permits, count on us arriving on our scheduled day to mow your lawn.

At Top Lawn Pros, we replace the mower blades on a daily basis with sharpened mulching blades. Having sharpened blades will ensure a smooth cut. If mower blades are not sharpened you risk tearing the blades of grass, instead of cutting them. Mulching blades allow us to pulverize the grass that we do cut. The mulched up grass falls into the lawn and provides the necessary nutrients for your lawn.

Our goal is to mow the lawn and make it look like the grass was cut, but no one was ever there. What we mean by this is that we will clean up any mess we make and make sure that your home stays looking great or even better than when we got there.

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Top Lawn Pros Mowing 0I4A1230For those customers who have St. Augustine grass, we mow the lawn at no less than 4 inches. This type of grass does best when mowed on a taller setting as it grows in vines. You will risk drying it out if it is mowed any lower. St. Augustine grass is a high maintenance grass that requires the right mowing height, coupled with proper nutrients and at least an inch of water per week.

For those customers who have Bahia grass, we mow the lawn at no less than 2 inches and no more than 3 inches. This type of grass is like a beta fish, Hard to kill.

For customers who have zoysia grass, we mow the lawn at no less than 2 inches and up to 5 inches. This type of grass has a wider range and can tolerate being extremely short, but also does well in a longer length.

If you have any of these three types of grasses and would prefer us to mow at a length outside of our recommended range, we would be happy to accommodate. The numbers listed above are our professional recommendations for lawn services Riverview Fl.

When we visit your property for lawn mowing services, you can count on us using an edger blade to edge the driveway and sidewalk. This leaves a clear definition of where the lawn starts and ends, and where the sidewalk and driveway start and end. The lawn should not be growing on the concrete surfaces.

Our Top Lawn Pros will use a string trimmer to cut down areas where the lawn mower cannot reach. For example, along the fence line, near buildings, and around trees.

Once we are done mowing the lawn, edging the driveway and sidewalk, and string trimming the necessary areas, we will use a blower to blow any grass clippings out of the concrete, and onto the lawn. We will blow any concrete areas that are on your property and not covered by a screen. Count on us going up to the front door and blowing any leaves or grass.

Top Lawn Pros Mowing 0I4A1323If you are wondering about the type of mower we use, we use a stand on riding mower with a mulching kit for our lawn services Riverview Fl. This works best for our customers and our workflow. For those of you interested in our push mowing option, please ask. Summer and Fall are extremely hot in Florida. We prefer to use the riding mowers for the comfort of our team members. However, for those who are willing to pay a premium, we would be happy to provide you with the push mowing option.

Additionally, Top Lawn Pros will trim any grass or weeds growing from the cracks in the sidewalk or driveway. Taking care of these details makes your property stand out from the neighbor’s and any lawn services Riverview Fl.

The things that matter to you are also important to us. We train our team members to close gates once they are done servicing a property. We know you care about your pets, and we want to make sure they stay inside your property. We also realize that you do not want anyone or anything uninvited to come into your property. Count on Top Lawn Pros, closing the backyard gate after each visit.