How often should I water the lawn

The recommended amount of water is one inch per week. This includes rain, so be careful to check the forecast. More is not always better!


How short should I cut my grass

It depends on what lawn you have. For St. Augustine, the recommended length is 5 inches in Spring, Summer and Fall and you can go as short as 3 inches in the Winter,  but be careful not to scalp the lawn.

The recommended length for Bahia is 3 inches during the Spring, Summer and Fall. During the Winter you can cut this grass as short as 2 ½ inches. The shorter you go the higher the risk you run of weeds out competing the grass.

The recommended length for Zoysia is anywhere between 3 and 5 inches year round. The length depends on the look you are trying to go for.


Do I need to fertilize my lawn

You should only fertilize your lawn if you are committed to watering one inch of water per week and mowing at the recommended height at least once a week. If this is too much to keep up with, we recommend calling the best lawn services Riverview Fl has to offer at Top Lawn Pros.


How often should I fertilize my lawn

The typical lawn should be fertilized once per month. This should be combined with a weed and pest control regiment. The best way to keep up with this demanding schedule is to contact the top lawn services Riverview FL has to offer at Top Lawn Pros.


How do I get rid of moles

You get rid of moles by getting rid of what the moles are after. Moles are after mole crickets. The recommended product for removing them is to use Bonide Molemax. It is best to be proactive and do pre-treatment or preventative treatment, eliminating the issue before it becomes a problem!

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How do I keep my neighbors dog from defecating on my yard

Most issues should be resolved by kindly asking your neighbors. If issues persist, call your HOA!


How do I get rid of weeds on my lawn

Weeds can be taken care of with a proper weed and pest control regiment, we recommend Southern Lawns weed and feed by Scott’s Turf Builder. Also by calling the top lawn services Riverview Fl has to offer, only at Top Lawn Pros! Your lawn should be mowed at least every two weeks to keep your lawn under control.


What is a pet friendly fertilizer

Pet friendly fertilizer will be a slow release fertilizer, we recommend Milorganite to keep your furry friends safe and happy. You should also consult with your local veterinarian prior to using any potential lawn chemicals.


Do I need to dethatch my lawn

Dethatching depends on the state you live in, here in Florida dethatching is not necessary if you are using a mulching blade, this ensures the clippings are pulverized into small pieces and will actually serve as fertilizer for your lawn.


Do I need to aerate my lawn

Aerating depends on the state you live in, here in Florida aerating is not necessary because of the sand in lawns. Water filters through the sand-based soil with ease compared to other states with clay-based soil.


When is the best time to water my lawn

Watering your lawn in the morning right before the sunrise allows optimal time for the Sun to evaporate any excess water. This prevents fungus and other diseases from building up in your lawn.


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What is the best season to plant grass in Florida

Grass can be planted in Florida year round, as long as you take proper care of it. However the Top Lawn Pros recommendation is to plant early in the Spring. We recommend the spring time because temperatures are ideal, there will be minimal stress on the lawn and it naturally begins to grow during this time. Summer can also be a time to lay down the sod, but it will need to be watered at a higher frequency than in the spring. You can always count on the summer rains to help water the lawn. To help manage this lawn, which will grow quickly, you should call Top Lawn Pros. They offer the best lawn services Riverview FL has to offer.

Does the grass go dormant in Florida

The grass does go dormant in Florida if the temperature drops below 32 degrees for 3 consecutive days, which is exceedingly rare. Also it will go dormant if you do not water the lawn for an extended period of time during the winter, so be sure to maintain your lawn year round by calling Top Lawn Pros the best lawn services Riverview Fl has to offer.


How often should I trim my palm trees?

It is recommended to trim your palm trees every 3 months. This will keep them looking nice year round as well as having the added benefit of keeping the HOA off your back! Keep your palm trees looking nice year round with this maintenance schedule!


Do I need to remove old mulch before adding new mulch

This depends on the type of mulch you use. If you are using pine bark mulch then removing existing mulch is not necessary as it will disintegrate over time and become organic matter and service fertilizer for your plants. Top Lawn Pros offers mulch install in combination with the best lawn services Riverview Fl has to offer.


What should I look for in a lawn service?

There are a few questions to ask a lawn service provider before hiring them. Ask them if they have long-term contracts, or if they have liability insurance, ask about the frequency of the sharpening of the lawn mower blades. You should know what day of the week to expect them. Call them and see if they answer the phone. Check to see what other customers have to say about them online, this could be on Facebook, Google or Youtube. If you are looking for all of the above in lawn services Riverview Fl, call Top Lawn Pros.