Irrigation / Sprinkler Repair

A lush lawn and beautiful gardens are impossible without properly functional irrigation systems. To keep your sprinkler system functioning effectively and efficiently, they do, however, need routine maintenance and sporadic repairs, much like any mechanical system. Sprinklers are one of the most important parts of an irrigation system because they uniformly distribute water throughout your lawn and landscape.

It’s important to know how your irrigation system works before attempting repairs. A network of pipes, valves, sprinkler heads, and controls makes up the majority of systems. Water is usually supplied by a well or a municipal source, and it is delivered to different areas of your yard via underground pipes. 

If your sprinkler system has not been operated in several months or even years, it is time to call us. We will examine all electrical and mechanical components of the irrigation system and get it back running as it is meant to. Over time, sprinkler heads may become clogged with dirt, debris, and mineral deposits over time, resulting in partial or total blockages or uneven water distribution. Leaks in valves or pipes can waste water and lower system pressure, which will diminish how well your irrigation works. Also, sprinkler heads are subject to breaking or misaligning due to damage from lawnmowers, foot activity, and natural wear and tear, which can negatively affect their function. Certain sections may receive too much or too little water due to poor design or installation of the irrigation system, which can result in unhealthy plants and a waste of resources.

Errors in programming or defective wiring in the controller may cause under- or over-watering. Do not attempt to change a controller if you do not know what you are doing. You could potentially cause more harm than good. If you need help configuring your irrigation controller, we can help with that also. In order to provide you with a quick service, please provide us with the brand and model of your timer. This will help expedite the process for you, and allows us to come prepared with the right tools to get your system back up and running expeditiously. We can set your timer up, to water on the right days, and at the time of the day that would benefit your lawn and landscaping the most. 

We can do more than repair your irrigation system. Maybe your system is running but not at optimal conditions. If this is the case, your system probably needs a tune up. If your sprinklers are not providing complete coverage of the yard, reach out to us, our irrigation specialist will provide you with adequate solutions. There are a few things we can try to give your landscaping and lawn the best coverage and allow it to thrive.

For those property owners who have a St Augustine lawn, you need to regularly clean and clear the grass growing around the sprinkler heads. St Augustine grows in a vine-like manner and can grow over the sprinkler head, preventing it from completely popping up as it should. We can help clear the grass growing around all the sprinkler heads. In fact, we recommend installing concrete sprinkler donuts around each sprinkler head to increase the longevity of the system.

Reach out to us today for all your irrigation needs, whether you have tried to fix it yourself and do not know what to do next, or simply do not have the time to perform the repairs yourself. We are here to help. We make the process easy for you. Simply call us and we will get one of our irrigation specialists out to your property to perform a diagnostic. 

We utilize only the best products to perform irrigation repairs, tune ups and replacements. We do not source our products from the big box stores, we use a local professional irrigation supplier. There are certain repairs that will require the help of professionals but there are common issues that could be addressed by the property owner. We do provide consultations if you need help figuring out how to address an issue with your system.

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Top Lawn Pros provides the best irrigation and sprinkler repair services in Riverview FL. We also service the areas of Apollo Beach, Gibsonton, and Fish Hawk, FL. Getting your sprinkler system repaired in a timely manner is essential for your plants and sod, especially, during the dry season. Our hot weather is not very forgiving, you will need to act quickly or your landscape can quickly make a turn for the worse. If you notice a broken sprinkler head, the first order of business is to turn off the irrigation system. After the water has been shut off, call us, the irrigation experts, at 813-595-3920. If you are not able to shut off the water, let us know, when you call, and we will get out to your property, as soon as possible. We understand it can be costly to have water running non stop. Provide us with as many details as possible when you call, should water be running non stop.

A well-maintained irrigation system is essential for keeping your landscape healthy and vibrant. By understanding how your system works and staying proactive about maintenance and repairs, you can ensure optimal performance and water efficiency. Whether you’re unclogging sprinkler heads or repairing leaking pipes, taking care of your irrigation system will pay dividends in the form of a beautiful, thriving outdoor space.

Here are a few tips for you:

  1. Perform a general inspection of each of the sprinkler heads and clean any debris or grass that is obstructing the path of the water.
  2. If low pressure persists after performing the above, there is a high chance that there is a leak somewhere in the irrigation system.
  3. Use a small cup and place it in different areas of the lawn, then turn on your sprinkler system and see if enough water is being collected in the cup. This will help you determine if you need to adjust the watering time and distance.
  4. Set a regular schedule to check your sprinkler system. We recommend doing a quick check once per month and a thorough system check once every six months.

For watering days, follow Hillsborough County’s recommendations. The county’s website provides specific instructions on watering days and hours based on time of the year. They will also provide updates when in drought season. Please follow the county’s recommendation to avoid fines from the Hillsborough County Code Enforcement.